Our AML Outsourcing solution enables small and medium sized businesses to tap into expert knowledge and utilise risk based technology.

AML Framework

Our outsourcing services are efficient and effective. We can develop and manage your entire AML compliance framework in one location, whilst still providing your business 24/7 access to your crucial data.


We calibrate your outsourcing dashboard to meet your compliance and business objectives. Your AML Compliance Officer has ongoing access to the Case Management register, key charts and data tables.

All Industries

Our services cater to all industries - FX Trading, Fund Managers, Mortgage Broking, Lenders, Deposit Takers, Security Issuers, Trustees, Lawyers, Brokers, Accountants, Risk Managers, and Compliance Officers.

Simple Analysis

Our outsourcing dashboard makes it easy for your business to manage AML regulatory requirements. We take care of data analysis and reporting, alerting your AML Compliance Officer when actioning is required.

Measure & Manage

We include heat maps and succinct data tables to our frequent reporting. This ensures your business quickly interprets critical data without having to decipher lengthy written documents.

AML Professionals

We have the experience and knowledge base of regulatory expectation and business requirements. We allow you to focus on business objectives whilst keeping you adequately informed on AML compliance matters.

1st Class Service

We provide expert knowledge and innovative software to simplify AML compliance for your business.

Service Level Agreement

On an annual basis we are subjected to an independent review to ensure we are meeting standards and targets of our SLA.

Delivery & Celebrate

Your representatives will receive training on how to operate your Outsourcing Dashboard from where all our communications will be undertaken.