AML360 Outsource enables businesses to manage their legislative requirements with the guidance of a full time AML professional and access to an end-to-end regulatory dashboard.  The dashboard is accessible by your business on a 24/7 basis.  Your AML360 dedicated specialist maintains your compliance dashboard on an ongoing basis, allowing businesses to retain the role of AMLCO and still concentrate on their core business objectives. As a specialist consulting firm with investment in leading regulatory technology, we deliver to you a first class service.

AML Phase 2 NZ





Dr. Nicholas Gilmour

Dr Nicholas Gilmour has worked with global and national AML/CFT stakeholders in New Zealand, the Middle East, Australia and the United Kingdom to improve understanding and successfully incorporate international best practice associated with the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.

In 2017, Nicholas was directly involved in the development of the New Zealand ‘Phase 2’ AML/CFT legislation – providing guidance and advice on various issues relating to its development and implementation.  

With a background as senior advisor to various governments and a former lecturer at Massey University in New Zealand and Charles Sturt University in Australia, Nicholas is also able to provide insightful and unique evidenced based consultancy services across the entire AML/CFT landscape.

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Kerry Grass

Kerry has worked with several government agencies across three jurisdictions in roles linked to anti-money laundering.  

She was formerly the Assistant Vice President and Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer for the Bank of New York based in London. In this role she was responsible for auditing of the bank’s Corporate Trust and Alternative Investment divisions.  

She later held the position of AML Compliance Manager for the Premium Business Services at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In this role she contributed to the policy and procedural framework that supported the AML/CTF Group Policy .

Returning to New Zealand in 2009 she was employed at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as AML Adviser. Working closely with the Ministry of Justice she had input into the drafting of NZ’s anti-money laundering laws.

In 2010 she established Anti-Money Laundering Consultants Limited where she provides specialist advisory services to assist businesses manage their regulatory obligations.

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