Audit preparation

Often staff spend days and sometimes weeks, collating records in preparation for a regulatory onsite inspection or audit. The AML360 Outsource service eliminates these issues. All our data is accessible through your online compliance dashboard. You simply assign viewing rights.  We also ensure your staff are fully prepared through our audit training programme which includes conducting mock interviews. When an audit occurs, we prevent the headache and give you peace of mind – priceless!

AML Outsourcing


AML360 Outsource eliminates the time it takes for audit preparation, including collation of records.


All compliance data is maintained in your AML360 dashboard, ensuring maintenance of record keeping.


Whilst keeping you informed, we take care of communications with your auditor and AML supervisor.


We assist you in the determination of audit findings and take care of implementing updates.


We know how to measure objectivity to AML effectiveness and how to embed to an AML framework.


Your reputation is our reputation, that is why we invest in first class AML technology and compliance experts.

We know the expectation of AML Supervisors.
Our systems give you peace of mind.