AML Outsourcing


Choosing which compliance processes to conduct in-house and which to provide to 3rd party professionals, enables businesses to improve allocation of resources. This reflects the overall goal of AML Manager —to place your operational ongoing due diligence processes with our professionals who can execute them at high levels of quality with responsive and cost-effective delivery models, while freeing up your internal resources for revenue-generating activities.

AML compliance Outsourcing

Our partnership enables you to concentrate on the needs of your clients and business growth.


Our compliance outsourcing model includes data analytics to generate knowledge-intensive deliverables. This is provided on a 24/7 basis.​


Our professionals will ensure the risk threshold configurations are adequate for your business. Our ongoing due diligence solution has flexibility so that our services continuously meet your expectation. ​


We will evaluate your requirements then deploy your dashboard so you can test our systems before transitioning to full operational status.​


As your AML compliance outsourcing partner, we provide unrivalled experience. Your outsourcing project is monitored by AML professionals with qualifications and experience in AML supervision.​


All our outsourcing clients receive access to regulatory technology. This includes business risk assessm We offer an end-to-end digital solution for outsourcing services.


If you are not fully satisfied with our services, you can cancel arrangements without penalty. Payments are made on a monthly basis making it easier for your business to manage financial commitments.​

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